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Dez and Izzy the Zoo Keepers

by Cash Miller


Dez and Izzy the Zoo Keepers
credits to cash for illustrating, writing, editing.
credits to mrs.taylor for approving me
Hi, my name is Izzy, aka the girl who protested in a chicken costume
12 years ago, people still look at the video to this day,
thats why i never forget it. Any ways im 25 years old now,
and i work at a zoo in Cincinnati.
Hi, my name is Desmond, I really like 2 things, animals and concerts. There is nothing really special about me except the day I wore baggy pants and sandals to my favorite concert. I work at a zoo now at the age of 26, it's really fun.
the story starts
Today was supposed to be a normal day until 2 people wanted to join a zoo job. Desmond and Izzy, Desmond was 26 and Izzy was 25. They both wanted to be animal doctors so they could help the animals. A few days later they started. On their first day they mostly learned how to save an animal's life so they would not make any mistakes. 1 or 2 weeks later they were in the office. it's not common for animals at the zoo the go to the doctor because the animals have clean food and water and a natural habitat to live in. People would check on them every 2 to 3 hours to see if they where ok.
A few days later their first animal came in, it was a bird, it landed on the electrical pole and it got electrocuted. Immediately they tried to save it, first they cooled it down by pouring a little cold water on its hair, then they put it to sleep so it would not hurt anymore. A few hours later the bird woke up. They saved the day!
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