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The Journey to the Enchanted Cave

by Emma Kim


The journey to the enchanted cave
In a crystal castle near the tranquil lake there lived a angel. It was not a fragile castle with sharp crystal,It was a Angel castle and that ment comfort. The angel that lived there was Yujin.
One afternoon when it was sunset Yujin was astounded by somebody looking at her crystal window.Hani the angel wanted to get the secret angel book from the enchanted cave ecxited by the idea of book Yujin readily agreed.
Travelling for many days.They reached near a waterfull with some rocks near it. By accident they slipped on the rock and fall in.What were they going todo?As Hani began to lose Yujin fly up,and get a rope and pull hani up.
Relived,they emerged near a waterfull to the enchanted cave. ”Oh no!”Exclaimed Hani exhausted.”What happened now?”Asked Yujin.
Theres been a long and the light for the path broke.Acessing how to fix it she remembered it!Two angels hold hands and say ticans x3 after they did that they went in.
Through the dark enchanted passage way,with only a staff for a light they crawled until they arrived to a cave.The book!Hani and Yujin exclaimed ecxitedly.Suddenly a horrible noise echoed.It was a devil with sharp horns they suddenly saw a tranculucent hole.They went near it.They teleported to the back of the devil.The devil froze while they were quiet as flowers.Eventully the devil was gone.They sneaked to get the book.After that they crawled out.What an mystery