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The Great Famine

by brian lynch


The Great Famine.
Relief to famine victims.
Consequences of the famine.
Significance of Irish Diaspora.
Robert Peel's relief scheme
Relief commission set up food depots. The food quickly ran out.

Public Works Act 1946 - to create employment - physically exhausting work which caused death in some cases.
Imported £100,000 worth of Indian Corn - wasn't enough and people couldn't cook it.

John Russell's Laissez- Faire Approach.
Leave the problem alone. Didn't want Irish to rely on British help.
Soup Kitchen Act.
Gave free soup to the starving Irish, lasted 6 months.
Workhouses were where people with no jobs or accommodation went. They received basic accommodation and basic food in return for work. Conditions were terrible and disease was rampant.
Consequences of the Great Famine
One million people of starvation and disease, many of which were buried in unmarked pits.
One and a half million emigrated to countries such as USA, Canada and Britain.
The oceanic journeys were long and hazardous with the ships they travelled on becoming known as Famine Ships due to the amount of deaths.
Irelands population fell to four million, a 50% drop.
Consequences of the Great Famine
Decline in the Irish language.
Subdivision of land halted.
Political resentment towards Britain.
Growth of the Irish Diaspora.
Significance of the Irish Diaspora
53,000 Irish arrived in New York while 37,000 arrived in Boston in the year 1847.
They began taking low paid jobs in tough work conditions, and never received the better life they hoped for.
Over time and hard work the Irish began to move up the ladder of society.
Former US President John F. Kennedy has ties to Ireland as does current President Joe Biden