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Emerging Teaching Philosophy

by Amber Nyland


My Teaching Philosophy
Amber Nyland
I want to always be the best version of myself in the classroom. That means not bringing in any outside problems to my classroom, and making sure that I enter it in a positive way each day so my students feel good when they walk into their class each morning.
Examples in the classroom
In the classroom, the teacher always tries to reinforce positive behaviors in the classroom, rather that be from the students or herself. She has a chart where either the class gets a "dot" or the teacher gets a "dot" when they are doing something they are supposed to be doing.
Always have a positive attitude when walking into the classroom
Evidence in Education 290
-Foster Student Agency
~Let students find their own voice
How will this look in my room?
- Be a role model
- Practice Mindfulness
- Normalize Mistakes
I want my classroom to have a very calming feel right when you walk in, and to have my students know right away that they can come to me with anything that they need
Self Reflective
Just as teachers self reflect, students should also be self reflecting so they can improve upon areas that they are having difficulty with, and can ask for help when they need it.
Want the students to also be able to build onto their areas of growth.
Recognize "Busywork"
- Get rid of things you don't need in the classroom that are not working
Examples in the classroom
- helps her identify strengths and weaknesses in the lesson plan

-Asks the class what they would want to do/see in the classroom
- Have workbooks to jot stuff down in

- Write goals
Evidence from Education 290
Follow the 1 in 4 rule
- Give specific feedback on only 1 in every 4 assignments the student does
-Let the student self assess their own work
-Online documents make responding easier
-Ask students to show them their "best work" and see what they present to you
I believe that families are one of the most important parts of a student's learning and success that they have in the classroom. When parents tend to get involved in their child's education, it helps them with a variety of things such as test scores, positive attitude towards homework and tests, better attendance records, etc…