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by Raja Amer


Formal and Informal Langauge
Raja Amer
Formal and Informal Language
Formal Language is used in professional situations such as when you are speaking with your coworkers and boss
Informal language is used with family and friends.
Forma languge uses:
1. Full sentences= I would like to fill out this application form
2. Correct grammar
Informal Language use:
1. Contraction form = She's so happy
2. Short sentences
Formal and Informal Greetings
A greeting is a way of saying hello to someone. In English, there are greetings which can be used in formal situations. There are also greetings which are used in a more friendly, informal situations.
Formal Greetings
When you meet a person for the first time use one of the following greetings:
1. Good/ morning, afternoon, evening-These formal greetings are used the same way as hello.
Formal Greeting
A formal greeting is followed by a phrase like:
Pleased to meet you OR Nice to meet you.