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by Didi Rusu


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Project by Rusu Denisa-Ioana & Tudurache Leonard
"Dimitrie Cantemir" National College
10th grade
Fancy Shanghai
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Because it is popular with teenagers who want to have a modern lifestyle, Shanghai is the perfect option for an unforgettable vacation. Shanghai, the largest city in China, is located on the coast of the East China between the mouth of the Yangtze River to the nord and the bay of Hangzhou to the south. Also, it was the first to achieve one hundred precent primary and junior high school enrollment.
The Bud
When it come to attractions, you have a variety of options you can choose without regret.. So you could visit The Bund which is a waterfront area and a protected historical district in central Shanghai, Yu Garden,  City God Temple which is a 600 years old temple or Happy Valley, a theme park with bulling rides. Also, the Shanghai Museum which helps tourist to get a … for what Shanghai used to be like, is waiting for new history lovers.
Yu Garden
City God Temple
Shanghai Museum
 Shanghai is hailed as the ,,Shopping Paradise” or ,,Oriental Paris”. Shopping here should not be messed anymore than it’s other charming attractions. No tour of this great town  is ever complete without seeing  Nanjing Road, one of the world’s longest shopping streets. 
Nightlife in Shanghai consists of many different options. From high end on the Bund to underground in the French Concession, there's a strong variety. Shanghai has a large number of bars where you can enjoy listening to live music. If you like jazz music, you can go to JZ Club, Brown Sugar or Cotton Club. MAO Livehouse is an excellent choice for those who prefer rock music. If you're looking for more variety, Brix has live bands playing a variety of different styles of music, depending on the day.  If you want a more local experience, go to the club No. 88. In the Former French Concession, you will not only find many clubs, but also restaurants and wine bars or if you want to relax with a nice cocktail, stop by Brownstone.