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Bee Bots

by Erin Cleary


Working with Bee Bots!
What are Bee Bots?
Bee Bots introduce young children to the world of coding in a playful and engaging way.
Bee Bots are a great way to improve children’s oral and sequential language.
In the process of using Bee Bots children are learning how to give and also take directions
How do we use the Bee Bots?
Children create a sequence by pressing the direction buttons on top of the bee bot depending on where they would like the bee bot to move to
It is important that as teachers we don’t give the children too much help, and allow them to figure it out for themselves for example don’t mention you have to press the “X” button to create a new sequence , this develops their problem solving skills
Bee Bots with mathematics
When integrating using the Bee Bots along with mathematics it is a good idea to use mats.
In this way the children could figure out which route is the longest or which route is the shortest by counting the amount of movements the Bee Bot takes in order to reach the destination
In this way children are learning numerical and counting skills along with programming , directional and coding skills.
Bee Bots and Literacy
When integrating literacy along with using the Bee Bots it is also a good idea to use a mat, however in this case it may be a mat with letters like the one on the right.
If working in pairs , one child could make the sound of a letter. The other hold in the pair could then direct the Bee Bot to that letter and then give a word which may begin with that letter if able to.
The children are now also learning pronunciation and literacy skills
What is Bruner’s Theory?
Jerome Bruner argues that children construct their own learning using a coding system
Bruner believed that students should discover a coding system themselves rather then being too by the teacher