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Rose's Adventures!

by Felix Li


The Adventures
Rose and Princess
By Felix
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First published edition 2022.
Dedicated to Rose and Princess for inspiring this book.
Table of Contents

Chapter One: Journey to the Lake

Chapter Two: A Surprising Visitor

Chapter Three: Catching A Mammoth

Chapter Four: Back To Fishing

Chapter Five: Heading Home
Chapter One: Journey to the Lake
One day Rose the seal and Princess the bear decided to go fishing together. "Hey Rose, you wanna go fishing for salmon?" said Princess.
"Sure! But I want to fish for fatty mackerel instead."
"Sounds good," said Princess.

Rose packed her fishing rod, a box with lots of hooks and lines, a net to catch baitfish, and a giant cooler to hold all the fish they would catch. Princess brought a barbecue cooktop to make dinner, some light snacks, and other bait like shrimp and crab.

Soon they set off to their favorite spot, Animal Lake. An hour of hiking later, Princess and Rose had finished the trail and were looking at the lake. The clear water sparkled with trees brimming the edges. But Princess felt like she had forgotten something.
She rummaged around in her backpack and couldn't find her fishing rod.
"Rose? I think I left my fishing rod at home."

"Don't worry, Princess, I just brought it in my backpack. That's probably why you couldn't find it." Rose calmly pulled princesses fishing rod out of her backpack.

"Thanks for remembering to bring it for me," said Princess.