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Let's Talk Science Community Experience

by Pragathy Krishnan


Community Practicum Experience
Pragathy Krishnan
Table of Contents
1. STEM Education Today
2. Let's Talk Science Team
3. Heure du Conte STIM
4. Training Experience
5. Workshop Development Process
6. My Placement Log
7. My Workshop Video and Reflection
8. Webinar Recordings
9. Memorable Experiences
10. FAQ
STEM Education Today
Let's Talk Science does research on STEM Education in Canada and these were their most recent findings posted on their website. These annual reports give a broad idea of how the community impacts youth through their social and educational efforts.
Parlons-Science (French Team)
As a volunteer, I got trained to be a workshop host and panelist. I learned to develop, design, produce and present workshops virtually in French. These would be done through Hour of STEM - Storytime, or translated in french, Heure du Conte STIM. Catherine and I were trained through Ryan Kahue, Lauren Hollis and Joyce Desmund.
Training with Let's Talk Science (LTS)
Introduction and Icebreakers
I did icebreakers with Lauren, Ryan, Catherine and Joyce and using this as an opportunity to get to know them. This familiarized me with everyone in the team and helped me adapt with the culture at LTS. We talked about interesting subjects like our favorite types of icecream and what one object would we bring to a desert island. I found this icebreaker helpful because I learned about what my co-workers value and how I can also bring my skills to the team.
Some of the skills I learned:
- Research educational resources for Storytime sessions
- Design activities suited for grade K-4 and adhere to the Ontario Science Curriculum
- Consult with supervisors throughout the design process
- Use webinar features on Zoom and act as panelist/host for webinars