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National Poetry Contest 2021 "Tolerant Society"

by Vilija Rakštienė


Klaipėda "Aukuro" Gymnasium

National Poetry Contest
"Tolerant Society"


Is our society truly tolerant?
by Rašelė Krivickaitė

They all are forgiving, honest and true,
But in case of injustice, what do they do?
They all can accept, love and approve,
But truly respecting should be improved.

When it comes to those suffering, enduring the pain,
They all keep their eyes shut and show their disdain.
When it comes to acceptance of those living different,
Not all feel the duty to try be considerate.

When it comes to the freedom, the choice of their own,
They are ready to fight, see blood being drawn.
But regarding the bodies of females, that they want to own,
Women are looked at as an object they wish to control.

By "they" I refer to the people, who don't bother to know,
The definition of tolerance, its value like gold.
How a little respect could withdraw inequality,
How a little acceptance could heal our society.
Teacher Viktorija Juodytė
Klaipėdos Eduardo Balsio gimnazija
No Peace Without Tolerance
by Nikoleta Ripinskaitė

Though it may seem as if
Our future is becoming bright,
Love and acceptance for differences is slowly
Evolving into something society frights.

Reactions from another person are hard to perceive,
At first, it may look like a casual glance,
Not knowing if it was suspicious or naive
That might be dangerous in advance.

Seeking acceptance only after being urged by others is
Obscure, as you do not actually
Care for the individual that you have just offended with your
Imbalanced concept of morality.

Either you learn to accept others or you don’t.
To some, it is a hard lesson to memorize,
Yet tolerance and freedom in this world are the only ways to survive.

Teacher Diana Nemeikienė
Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazija
Loud wishes in silence
by Kajus Perminas
Once again whispering my inner thoughts to the diary
as I sit there quietly.
Wish I knew how to control this anxiety…
Oh, it is hard to fit within this modern society!

It is all about the individual differences,
yet somehow the only difference is –
we have kept our distances
from people that make up the world of difference.

Skin, colour, size, or homosexuality –
just an endless list for your brutality.
Indifferent and judgemental mentality
makes no space within social morality.

So Dear Diary,
if someone inquires –
I will be simply fine! Once the power of dominance
will slowly sink and be reborn as tolerance.

Teacher Irma Adomavičienė
Šiaulių „Romuvos“ gimnazija
The Moonlit Freedom
by Kristupas Linas Bernotas
When the edgy sea is raging
And the echo of the moon
Daunts the wind who’s just to raise it
To the lonely star like you;
When my heart skips one more beat and
I can’t find a shelter there
(Ain’t you gonna be a huntsman,
Won’t you poach it with no share?)
On the hazy tides are falling,
Quite like freedom of a bird,
Elfin drops that cast the dawning
And my dream that’s free to shirk.
Can this sky accept the oddness
Of the sun which comes to kill
All this beauty with a spareless
Crave to reach a winning thrill?
If the river finds it easy
To become the ocean’s tear,
World, pray tolerate, release me
From the chains you’ve made me bear.
Teacher Ingrida Petkienė
Klaipėdos „Ąžuolyno“ gimnazija
Tolerating the truth
By Dovydas Laurinavičius
Trembling, tickling, echoing and teasing
Trusting people but never uneasing.
Tempting for tides in emotional temples
Treasure of tolerance when people fell closure.
Telling fake truths through people forgiveness
Their speech of love becomes a toy of some sickness.
Their thrives motivated by people’s ignorance
Tempting for triumph with a silent chorus.
Conservative, strick, having low sense of polity
Turning their backs to the search of equality.
Towels of notional freedom reforms
Turning acceptance to various brutality forms.
Trembling, tickling, echoing and teasing
Tabs are open for fateful decisions.
The limits of colors or differences fade
The identity search has no right to remain in a shade.
Teacher Viktorija Bernotienė
Kauno r. Raudondvario gimnazijos Kulautuvos vidurinio ugdymo skyrius