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A story of a girl.

by Shloka Sai.P


Created by Shloka.
In a world of noise there was a girl called maya. she never talks to anyone and always use to do her work. People think she is dumb but they don't know her problems. Her mother works as a maid,in 6 peoples house so she can just feed her family and you ask about maya's dad ? he died in a war. and now as maya's mother had become old maya started to work and stopped going to school so she can feed her and her mom. she stopped playing with her friends. One day a person came running and said to every one that the war is going to start. Maya got terrified. She did not know that so she ran home to see her mother and take to a safe place. by the time she went to her house the war started. her mother was to tired to get up and walk. so , Maya packed what ever they needed and took all the money and put them in some bags.
she carried her mother on her back and carried three bags and ran out of the village. by the time went out of the village maya was out of breath so she stopped.
Her mom said lets go into the forest there we can take some rest. Maya went and stopped at the forest so they can take some rest. Maya was standing next to a big tree so she made the ground soft for her mother near it so she can rest. she made some soft floor using some bedsheets and grass.
Then they saw some people coming to there side. Maya and her mother got scared. Then Maya remembered that they are Adivasis.
They came closer and told they can come to there village houses. Maya was going to carry her mother again when 1 man told i will carry your bags and your mother. Maya said ok and walked behind them. She did not know that it was so magical.
she then suddenly noticed a lot of people. She got shocked because inside a forest there are so many people. Then those kind people gave them a place to stay. she unpacked there things and put her mother to bed and went to explore outside.When she went out she saw so many kids playing and men hinting food and ladies siting by a tree and chit chatting. Maya liked it a lot. but she was hungry so she went and asked some women and they gave her some water and meat.
She ate it and then took some for her mother. she fed her mother and by the time she finished it was evening. so she went of her house and thought what to do. then a man came and start next to her he said. If she goes a bit far away from the forest there is a city and she and her mother will be safe there. So Maya told can some one take us there? The man said yes I can take you there Tomorrow now go and take rest. Maya went into her hut and slept the next morning she got up and got ready cooked food and went to talk to that man. But when she went to his house she found out that he has fallen down yesterday night and broke his leg. Maya was sad but she went and saw. When she touched his leg the pain vanished. The man was so happy and thanked her.Maya did not understand how when she touched his leg the pain went.