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by Ecaterina Gangan


Tuesday,April 4
Today , I finished reading an exciting book called “Tema pentru acasă “.The heroes of the novel are Mihai Ulmu teacher and Maria Răzeșu –student. The teacher Ulmu is arrested during the romanian language lesson .Before leaving , the teacher leaves his students with homework :”Is being human is life an art or a destiny ?”.He finds the answer after 13 years of
imprisonment, torture, humiliation, ordeal and the loss of loved ones in Siberia, at the Zarianca camp. There, the teacher and other detainees no longer have names, but are called by numbers. Professor Ulmu had come to terms with his fate. Everything was until Maria, his former student and future wife, came to Zarianca. Maria also helped him escape twice, but they
were caught. For disobedience and escape, Ulmu accumulated a total of about 240 years in prison. Maria gives birth to a boy, whom she and Mihai name Mircea. After two years, the child is taken from him and taken to the orphanage, at a distance of 10 kilometers. Going undercover to save her child sick with typhus, she is shot by a soldier. Mihai returns home, to Poiana, and finds his son at the orphanage. At the end, the teacher meets with his students, already human beings, to listen to their homework. Tomorrow I will start reading another book.

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