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jasiman the ice pack

by Kinzlee Brewer


jamsiman the ice pack
Hi my name is Jasiman and i am a ice pack.
i live in a freezer to stay cold and when i get done freezing i go spend most of my day in a lunch box.
I go to school in a lunch box almost every day and i love it.
and when school is over i go back to the house and get put in the freezer so i can be used the next morning
on a monday i was sitting in the freezer and i was in there whole night so i could be put in the lunch box the next morning to keep the cold food cold. So the freezer opened and they took me out and put me in the lunch box. and there was a lunchable and a Dr. Pepper and 2 cookies in the lunch box with me. and they sipped the lunch box and i could feel the carrying and then sat it down on something soft it felt like.
Then about 5 minutes went by and the lunch box got picked back up and i herd the door open and then woosh of coldness touched the lunch box and then i herd the car door opened and the lunch box got sat back down and everything inside the lunchbox including me shifted all around. about 6 minutes went by and i hard the door swing open and i felt the coldness hit the lunchbox again and we got picked back up then i herd a door open which i'm pretty sure it was the school door and then i knew it was for sure because i herd the hallways full of kids laugh coughing and screaming at 7 in the morning and thats how i knew we where at school...
Then i felt something hitting the lunch box which made me too shift around alot in the lunch box. and then the day at school has started. about 4 hours went by and it was lunch time and the lunchbox got picked up which caused us to shift around some more and then we got to the lunch room and the sipper to the lunch box got pulled up so the lunch box would open and the Dr.Pepper got pulled out first then the lunchable then the cookies and then the lunch box got sipped back up with me left inside like always.