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imagitive narrative Part 3

by jordanstatler


Add 1 of Miracles concerts she accidentally makes the whole entire concert in Cloud go up in the air and she thinks that Powers are getting stronger.
so after that song she said that's all for that tonight because she doesn't want to hurt that Audience Than when she gets home she gets kidnapped again but this time it's the agency kidnapping her.
The agency contacted her how she did that and she says I don't know Then they said you were going to tell us or else She said that really didn't know and she said it just happened and that's why she ended it early because you didn't want to hurt the Audience.
t looked like the agency start to believe her But then Miracle turn into a dark angel and her wings Broke the rope that they use it to tie her up 
Add event fly home And then while she was working out her window to make sure no one was following her she saw someone who has yellow wings running away from the Agency Miracle fly down and pics that guy up to her house The boy's name was Jack
He said thank you for saving me when he tried to fly he noted that his wing was padded here in it Miracle said he could stay as long as he was into his wing Heels to be Continued …