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Going Coastal 2019

by PLP 8


Replace this box with a map shows Vancouver to Newport, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
I am looking forward to it because I have been to the cobble beach before when I was little and I really liked all of the sea life that I saw so I am looking forward to bring back more of my memories and hopefully make some new ones.
This is a photo of a really young me at cobble beach
I am really excited to hopefully see a sea otter because I have not seen a sea otter other than the time that I was little and saw one at the zoo. I also have seen videos of how playful they are and I would like to see them play around in person. I have also heard story’s of my parents scuba diving and have had encounters with them and have told me about how fast they are in the water, so I want to see that myself.
The Astoria Column
The Astoria Column is 125 feet tall and is covered on the outside by a mural that depicts historical events.
Oregon Day 2
Fort Stevens
In fort Stevens I learned all about how they used the disappearing cannons to defend the Columbia River. I also learned a lot about how they aimed the cannons. To aim the cannon they took a measurement every 15 seconds from a tower where they could see the ship. This information was relayed to mathematicians in a bunker who would determine the speed of the ship. From this they were able to predict where the ship would be next. This information was relayed from the mathematicians to the people manning the cannon. The people manning the cannon would aim according to this calculation and then deploy the cannon by releasing a counterweight, raising the cannon up in its hole. After the cannon shot, the recoil reversed the counterweight and the cannon “disappeared”.
High Life Adventures
I think it is important to have places like High Life in small towns because you need to have fun and small towns usually don’t have a lot of big activities. It is also a draw for people to visit who wouldn’t normally spend time or money in a small town.