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Fair Test investigation

by Doireann Siobhan Ni Dhubhghaill


Fair Test Investigation
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Today we will be looking at a fair test. Our investigation is based on the question "What is the best material to keep hot chocolate warm in the winter?"
  1. Students gather equipment.
  2. Predict which material will be the best insulator (stop the ice cube from melting).
  3. Wrap each cup with an ice cube inside with a different material.
  4. Using a thermometer wait till temperature of each cup gets to 0 degrees to begin stop watch.
  5. Using stop watch, set a timer for 3 mins and record temperature of cup. Repeat this step 4 times.
  6. Record results
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Carrying out a fair test means some factors of our investigation will change while others stay the same. This is to ensure our results are true, fair and reliable.
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What will change:
  • different material for each cup

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What we will keep the same:
  • ice cube in each cup
  • starting temperature of each cup
  • time on stopwatch
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