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Rudolph is Missing

by Judy


Rudolph Goes Missing
By: Judy
Crunch, crunch Santa's footsteps echoed through the North Pole. Santa was heading to the red barn to feed the reindeer. Santa notices a carrot left in the pail. Santa realizes that his lead reindeer, Rudolph is missing. Santa called for Frosty the Snowman to search for Rudolph, and within minutes Frosty was looking for Rudolph.
First of all, Frosty the Snowman remembered that Rudolph loved ice cream, so he went to Cold Treats. Frosty the snowman thought he saw Rudolph's nose glowing like Christmas lights in the distance. In a second, Frosty the snowman was at the ice cream shop. Is that Rudolph? No, Frosty was deceived. It was only red Christmas lights glowing at the cashier counter of the ice cream shop. Where could Rudolph be?
Next, Frosty went to the park in the North Pole. Frosty was sure he would find Rudolph having fun in the park. Then he spotted something red and shiny. Is that Rudolph? No! Frosty was fooled again. It was only a statue of Rudolph in the park. Where could Rudolph be?
After the park, Frosty sprinted as fast as he could. He knew Rudolph loved the woods. Surely, he must have lost track of time reading a book in a tree and fell asleep. Frosty had been fooled before, but this time Frosty was sure he would find Rudolph. Running through the woods, Frosty yelled," Rudolph is that you?" Disappointment covered Frosty like a cloud during a storm when Frosty discovered that he was only looking at a snowman with a shiny red nose. Frosty wondered were Rudolph could be?