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Journey thorugh my Art

by Mika


Journey through my Art
By Mika
Mika the bestest!
This is my drawing of my name, it shows line work made with different pressures to create different tools to draw with
For this drawing I learned how to use all sorts of tools in sketchesPro to create each letter individually. I used tools such as paintbrushes and acrylics for the M, for the I, I used markers, for the K I used airbrushes and thick markers, and lastly for the A, I used markers and watercolours.
A doodle here and a doodle there
This is my doodle of an emoji, as you can see it is the innocent/sad/happy emoji
For this drawing I used mostly marker, airbrush and the blending tool. I learned how to layer the different colours I wanted in their preferred shading placements and then blending them. I also learned how to used marker to add the details such as the eyes, tears, blush and eyebrows.
Meet Ollie!
This was my favourite drawing I did so far because personally I love robots. I used sketchers pro and I think its a good starter app for people learning how to draw. The tools within it have the texture and feel of the actual tool in real life, it’s a fantastic representation
For my drawing I learned how to use paintbrushes to create the texture. I learned how to use different pressures to create different strokes. I also used acrylics paints and a fine tip to correct any issues. I used the same colours in different shades to create a light to dark contrast.
This is Ollie and in his free time he likes to look at flowers.