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By: Haven Meng
Hi I’m Aya I am 13 years old and I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. My cousins are also so close they are treated like siblings although my older
sister who moved out did marry one of our cousins. I speak Arabic and I am a Sunni Muslim.
Me, my older sister, and my younger sister a few years ago.
I live on the sixth floor of a ten story, red brick apartment building in Cairo. We occupy the whole floor and every floor has its own security guard. Everybody has access to electricity, but only about half of the population uses the internet including my family.
This is our apartment building
This is Cairo
Me and all of my siblings attend/attended primary school, but only my brother and older sister have/are attending secondary school. At school we learn Arabic and a little English. We have two big exams
that determine
our education.
There is strict discipline at our school and we start studying for the exams months before. Our parents even got a private tutor for us. We go school for about 7 years.
This is my brother and his friend from secondary school
For breakfast we eat bread and sometimes tomatoes and cucumbers. For lunch I eat stuffed cabbage and grape leaves and okra stew. For dinner we eat rice, bread, pork, and for the adults beverages they drink alcohol. We eat with our fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand. We usually just eat with our right hand but if needed we use a spoon.
These are some foods we eat and places we buy food from.
Soccer is our national sport. I do not play soccer but my older brother does. For leisure time I enjoy watching television and going to the movies with my friends from school. We celebrate the Lunar New Year and this holiday called Sham al-Nessim ("breathing the breeze") where we celebrate the beginning of spring, dye eggs, and have picnics.
This is the end of the holiday Ramadan
This is the Egyptian soccer/football team