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Lost in the Jungle

by Haneen Awais


Lost In The Jungle
By Haneen Awais
Slowly, Laila opened her eyes and tried to know where she was. Laila saw extremely tall trees. It was a little windy and she saw a little, tranquil pond. Suddenly, she realised that her pet cat Cuddle was under her.
Laila and cuddle heard creepy noises. They started getting scared and worried. Suddenly, Laila's pet cat Cuddle sprinted off in fear and was nowhere to be seen.
Cautiously, Laila climbed a tall tree and tried to look for her pet cat Cuddle. Laila accidently tripped and fell into a hole. She felt even more scared now.
Laila was thinking as hard as she could and finally thought of an idea. Laila started digging and climbing until she got out and started looking for Cuddle.
She looked behind a tree and found her sleeping on a pile of green, huge leaves. Cuddle woke up and they started chopping trees and cutting leaves until they made a house and lived happily ever after.