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Social emotional development

by Latoya Arthur


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My feelings are important
A photobook by
Latoya Arthur /Rosa Orcee/ Kelsie Anderson
A Photobook by Group 6
Our group decided to pick social-emotional awareness and because it helps support autonomy, problem-solving skills, self-regulation, and helps support healthy social interactions.
Children need to prepare for life in a democratic and global society. Children's ability to understand and regulate their emotions helps them to form and sustain meaningful connections. Social-emotional awareness can help children build autonomy and make responsible decisions to solve social problems constructively. Another term is referred to as social, emotional learning (also known as social competency).

Moreover, emotional growth starts at birth and continues throughout adulthood. Children's emotional development is demonstrated over time in their ability to recognize their own and others' emotions, express emotions in a healthy manner, and regulate their emotions. Social-emotional development is crucial for success in school and in life, according to research. Because social and emotional development is intricately intertwined, they are frequently referred to as a single notion, socio-emotional development.

Furthermore, Within this book, we plan to identify and address the emotions children face every day and provide ways to help them self-regulate. Because emotional expression impacts others, children learn this very early—for example, the still face experiment. The still face experiment showed how babies could communicate socially and develop social skills immediately after birth. 
The still face proved that the child could even suffer from trauma and have issues in the future if they are not appropriately nurtured early. Emotional literacy enables children to communicate their emotions correctly in personal and social situations, such as when they are upset or discouraged.
Still face experiment by Dr.Edward Tronick
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I feel calm when I go for a walk with Daddy or mommy. My face is straight, or I might make a small smile.
I can take 3 deep breaths to keep myself calm. I can breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.
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I am sad when my mom and dad drop me off at school. I know I'm sad because my lips poke out, and I start to cry.
I can use a teddy bear to console me, I can sit in the calming corner in my classroom.
I feel empowered when I do things the right way. My face has a lot of excitement. My eyes are wide open, and I have a big smile.

I can answer questions correctly, be a leader, and follow directions when I want to feel empowered.