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Drop by drop in Loutraki

by El Mola


Loutraki drop by drop
By the 3rd Primary school of Loutraki
A lady Aquarius
is the symbol in our
Municipality logo.


Cape: the end of a piece of land jutting into the sea.
Coastline: a line along which land and sea meet.
Cartographic elements: the various forms presented by the coasts of a place, such as bays, peninsulas, capes, straits, isthmuses, islands, etc.
Canal: a large man-made channel joining two seas or lakes or rivers.
Isthmus: a narrow strip of land that joins two lands and separates two seas.
Gulf: part of the sea that enters the land.
Cove: a small bay.
Strait: a piece of sea that separates two lands and joins two seas.

Loutraki is a seaside resort, located 81 km west of Athens .
It is situated on the Corinthian Gulf,
in Corinthia, Greece.
Corinthian Gulf
Saronic Gulf
Our town is known for its clear blue sea, its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas.
In swimming water quality, our Sea takes 3 stars, which means excellent!
A touristic poster of Loutraki,
by Angelos Spahis, dating back in 1935.