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Qingpu Community Food Guide

by Una, Sophia, Cici, Yara


Qingpu Community Food Guide
Shanghai City. From Book Creator.
Oriental Pearl Tower. From Book Creator.
By: Una, Sophia, Cici, Yara
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By: Sophia
What is this community food guide about?
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In this food guide, we will talk about some food options in our community, QingPu District, Shanghai. We will show the availability of the food here. Then, we will introduce the cost of the food here, whether it's expensive or not. We will also show the accessibility to see if everyone will be able to access healthy and nutritious food. We will then explain the different options of food in our community. And then lastly, we will share our opinions about what do we think we can do to improve food security in our community.
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By: Cici
There is a map in the next page. It's the Qingchengshan Road in QingPu District, Shanghai. It's a road beside our community. People live beside it will buy different types of food at there, and it is a very convenient place for us. There are descriptions of each store on the map. Now, you can see the next page to learn more
QingPu District, Shanghai Food Environment Map
By: Cici
Lianhua is a big supermarket, and it actually is a convenient store, too. It opens at 8am, and closes at 8pm. You can access fruits, vegetables, condiments, and snacks at here. The prices of the food are not very expensive for poor people.  
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Family Mart
Family Mart is open 24 hours a day, and you can use online app to order food. You can access many different types of food at Family Mart. For instance, like snacks, drinks, and fast food. They are very convenient, but they are not very healthy. The price of food is medium.
LYFEN is a convenient store. You can access snacks like nuts, chicken wings, and dried fruits. The prices of the food are not expensive for poor people. It is very convenient for people who live in the community beside it. They can just walk to there and buy snacks. There is a parking lot beside it too.
Qingcheng Convenient Store
People can access snacks, drinks, and ingredients in this store. Ingredients like soy sauce, rice, vinegar, and oil can be accessed. So, people who cook at home will come to this store and it is very convenient for them. However, it close a little early, and the food in there are quite of junk food.
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We have many different kinds of food.
By: Sophia
There are everything from rice to meat to vegetables.
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     In QingPu district in Shanghai, food is available almost everywhere: super market, grocery store, or just stores on nearby streets. We have a lot of different kinds of food in our community, everything ranged from fresh vegetables to meat to junk food. They are very near where people live. Most of them are usually just a ten-minute walk from home. There is also public transportation like buses and bikes so people can use them to go to one store to another. Most of the stores open at eight in the morning and closes at ten in the night. However, there're several 24-hours shop like Family-Mart, so people can buy food whenever they want.
Photo by Sophia
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By: Yara
The cost of groceries in my community are not so expensive. In my community, people live in their own villa. Since people who lives in my community are not so poor, everyone is able to buy food. Even if someone doesn't have that much money, they're still able to access food since there are many stores near our community and most of the food are cheap (mostly with a fair price). People will be able to afford it. People will be able to buy healthy and nutritious food with little money.
Most of the food are not expensive.
Photo by Sophia
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