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Climate change ebook

by ZHAO Yifan


Climate change for kids
Name: Zhao Yifan
Student ID: 2476906
What is climate change?
THREE social ways and how to prevent
THREE environment ways and how to prevent
Reference list
What is climate change?
Climate change describes changes in average conditions, in an area over a long period of time(What Is Climate Change 2022).
Global Warming : CO2 is the biggest reason(Causes of climate change 2022).
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect:deforestation is one of the main reason(Causes of climate change 2022).
Fossil Fuels: emitting a lot of CO2
Three social ways children can get involved
Kids also enjoy gardening. Pick out fruit, vegetable or flower seeds to plant in your garden, or herbs to plant in kitchen boxes. Young children can help take care of plants(Steph 2021).
Ask your parents not to let the car run all the time. Sometimes you can turn it off, for example, while you're waiting to be picked up from school(How can kids help prevent global warming 2022).
Having kids unplug any electronic device (TV, DVD player, Nintendo, Xbox) that you can turn on with a remote control consumes power even in "off" mode(What can we do to help 2022).
Three environmental ways children can get involved

Children can choose as environmentally friendly household products and organic, local foods as possible. Dispose of your food waste responsibly, either by composting it in your backyard or by having your municipality take it away(7 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Climate Change 2014).
Children can plant trees in the school playground. Trees provide shade. They filter the air. They give birds a place to nest. Trees can also reduce energy costs for schools and make them a more comfortable place to be(Climate Action For Kids 2019).
At home, make sure your child learns to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth, and teach them to only run the washing machine or dishwasher when it's full, simple actions like this will make a difference for the environment and your water bill! Teaching children to conserve water in all aspects of their lives will help them grow up to better understand how to help stop global warming(Global Warming for Kids 2022).