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Danny, the Campion of the world

by Laura Viocol

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Danny, the Campion of the world
by Vicol Laura
The characters from ,,Danny the champion of the world"
  1. Danny
  2. His dad-William
  3. Doctor Spencer
  4. Miss Clipstones
  5. Mst Victor Hazell
  6. Mst Rabbetts
  7. Sergent Samways

  • at school
  • in Msr.Hazell forest's
The challenge between Danny and his dad is that they were thinking about methods for catching pheasants. At that moment Danny had a brilliant idea: in their cabinet, they had a bottle of sleeping pills and pheasants loved raisins- so they could put in a raisin half of the sleeping pill and sew the raisin carefully so it couldn't fall off the sleeping pill, and on Saturday evening, they spread the raisins through the forest on a large surface. Danny and his dad picked up all the pheasants in a bag, but they had a few problems. They met the forest guard (Ms. Rabbetts). They brought the pheasants to Miss Clipstone's house as they planned. As a result, on Sunday morning, there weren't any pheasants left in the forest. Ms. Clipstone had a baby stroller, and she ran with it to the camper van. The agitation was caused by the traffic, and at that moment, Sergent Samways appeared. Ms. Hazell shouted that he wanted to do justice, but no one listened to him. As the pheasants flew from the stroller, some of them stayed in, so Doctor Spencer cut them and gave them to everyone. So that day was a special day for Danny, the champion of the world that he remembered his entire life.
I love this book. It's very interesting and has a lot of adventures. These books from Roal Dahl are translated from English to Romanian because his masterpiece is so interesting that more and more people want to read it. In general, most of the books by Roal Dahl are translated into English. I also read a few books from him, but mostly those books were edited by Arthur Publishing House. So I give this book 5 stars because it has piqued my curiosity.
Lesson learned from this book:
I learned that our parents are here with us whenever we need them. Our parents are like best friends and they never leave us. Danny and his dad showed us how a father-son relationship could never be broken. So that is what I learned.

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