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by Jessica Pallokat


Food in Llinars
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In this book we're going to talk about when we went to the market to ask people who work there about the food that they sell in the market. A part from the questions,this book will have photos of our market.

We are going to talk about healthy food in Llinars del Vallès because nowadays, we don't control what we eat, and we don't know where the food comes from. We are going to share the cost and where the food comes from in Llinars del Vallès.

We do this project to collect information about healthy food. We will learn the perspectives of each seller. We collect information about availability, options and accessibility.
This friday we go to the market and supermarket. In the market we visit the paraditas. In the supermarket we asked the employees about the pizza. And we buy olives and chips. We learnt that the people prefer pizza with olives that with pineapple, the pizzas are very sold, the best-selling pizza brand is Casa Tarradellas.
Hello peers of global scholars, we are: Adam, Biel, Jan, Oriol and Pablo.

This is our project. Today we’ve gone to the market and we asked some questions about healthy foods and the responses are here. We collected information and the different perspectives of the sellers and the products in our village.

Mangos are a bit expensive because comes in plane but are selled in every shop.

Doughnuts aren't expensive and have variations and are produced in Spain and selled by different marks in every shop.

Strawberries are produced here in Spain, but don't have variations and are selled by few different marks.
Hope you enjoy it!
Field Research: Food Environment Map

We went to the market and we saw lots of food, different types of fruit and clothes. In the market were four shops of healthy food. We asked the sellers who where selling the food different questions about healthy food. We lerand the cost of the fruits and where are from 

Where does the pomegranate come from?
It comes from Tarragona and Almería. 
What is the maximum cost of the pomegranate fruit?
The cheaper one 1,80€ and the expensive one 2,80€. 

What is the season to grow tomatoes?
There’s no season to grow tomatoes, they always grow. 
What dishes can you make with tomatoes?
Tomato sauce, sanfaina, salad, etc. 
What type of tomatoes are?
There are 5 varieties of tomatoes in the shop that we asked.