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Beyonde Rome borders

by Luciana Soldo


In Roman times around the year zero, there was a
workshop in which a master named Cornelio, he worked who created a splendid ceramic vase
Subsequently he took the name of Augustus and his characteristics were just as Cornelius imagined them: he was entirely white with blue trim and cobalt-colored flowers that enhanced the candid colour that enveloped him
At a certain point in the silent shop, a tall boy wearing a straw hat entered and asked with a certain kindness and incredulity if within exactly forty-eight hours. We could have a vase of excellent workmanship that he could deliver to his new partner of the king of the Peloponnese, i.e., a seat full of scenic and enterprising points of view
Poor Cornelius didn't have to repeat it twice
and immediately accepted
Two days later Augustus was ready to leave and the parcel was kept on the ship, in a sturdy trunk