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PLN - EDT 476

by Samantha Schulz


Professional Learning Networks
Sam Schulz
National Organization
Name: National Education Association (NEA)
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Their goal is to ensure that every student and teacher succeeds. It consists of more than 3 million people who are made up of educators, students, activists, workers, parents, neighbors, and friends. All of these individuals believe in the opportunity for all students and in the power of public education being able to transform lives and formulate a more inclusive and fair society (
Social Media
This shows that the National Educational Association has a wide platform and uses social media to reach more individuals and spread the cause.
Membership Information
There are different types of memberships that you can join:
  • Active Professional/Certified
  • Active Education Support Professional (ESP)/Classified
  • Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP)
  • Public Service Employee
  • Retired/Pre-Retired Educator
  • Aspiring Educator
  • Community Ally

Each type depends on your occupation and each one receives different benefits based on what applies to you.
  • NEA membership dues are $15.

  • For students who are preparing to go into the teaching profession in any institution that is not regularly employed many become student members (undergraduates). The fee is $27
Membership Benefits
When you join, you get professional benefits and a collective voice but it also brings others. You can receive:

  • Insurance discounts
  • Reduced movie ticket prices
  • Coupons for stores such as Target, Ann Taylor, and Best Buy.
  • The foundation also provides grants that allow teachers to get their projects started and running.
Another benefit is that in being a member, you are being a part of creating a meaningful change for not only educators but for students and their communities.
Comprehensive Benefits:
  • Liability insurance and legal representation to protect from false or unfair accusations.
  • Opportunities for professional learning.
  • Resources to help navigate student loan forgiveness.
The NEA holds conferences every summer for members to be able to connect and advance their work on racial and social justice.

There are different conferences based on specific talk points.
Here are some occurring or have already occurred,
  • Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly
Philadelphia, PA, July 3-7, 2024
  • Conference on Racial and Social Justice
Hilton Orlando, Florida June 29th-July, 2023
  • ESP National Conference
Las Vegas, NV, March 22-24, 2024

They happen during the months close to and during summer.

You do have to pay a fee for attending the conferences. It depends on which conference you are attending, for example, to attend the ESP Conference, the rate is $235 which also includes other benefits as well.