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Our Experience that reflect to Asmaul Husna

by Hana n Friends


Our Experiences That Reflects Asmaul Husna
HOAK: Hana Nabila Abidin - Magnolia "Oi" Zetboisyah Aditya - Aiesha Kehara Heather Ryan - Kayla Ayahnya
This book is about our stories and experiences of when we reflected and tried to be one of the 99 names of Allah (Asmaul Husna) during tough times. Each of us have a story of our own and how we did that. So it will be a compilation or mashup of our stories. I hope you enjoy this book about our experiences that reflects Asmaul Husna!
Hana's Story
My inspiration is Al-Haliim, the One who is always patient and kind no matter what they did
So, I was playing with two of my friends in one of their house...
And they had this rock-climbing wall that led to their roof