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Cultures of Ecuador and the Popular Culture of Ecuador

by David Salinas



Cultures of Ecuador and the Popular Culture of Ecuador
NAME:David Salinas
TEACHER:Anabel Defas


FOOD:Breakfast and the tsáchila flag, chitterlings with green, grilled yucca and roasted sweet plantains with grated cheese

POPULAR HOLIDAYS:One of the most recognized cultural festivals in the Province is the celebration of Kasama, a traditional festival of the Tsáchila ethnic group, which shows the beginning of a new year and always coincides with Holy Saturday, in which you can enjoy the use of culture, tradition and customs

ARTS:Necklaces, bracelets, key chains and spears not only serve as a decorative element. In the Tsáchila culture they are used as an amulet to protect themselves. It is also believed that they attract luck and good energies.

RELIGION:According to the Tsáchila Governorate, more than 90% (2,025) of natives belong to Western religions, such as Catholic, Adventist, Mormon, Evangelical and Christian. The rest of the Tsáchilas do not have a defined religion

The shamans fought in the middle of witchcraft, they killed each other, one of them was thrown "forgetful grass", he ...

Región Kichwa

FOOD:Also locros chard, turnip, spinach, watercress, goose, sambo, zucchini, broad beans and melloco. In addition, it contains the preparations of cachicaldito, booklet, often, sambo pepa chili, stone chili, cariucho from the garden, pot pie, rice pudding, among others.

POPULAR HOLIDAYS:(Quito, Pichincha. 24-06-2020) Cada año, los pueblos kichwa del Ecuador celebran el Inti Raymi (Fiesta del Sol)

POPULAR ART:The form that is given to the clay is the callana, which is like a plate and is also painted with green leaves so that the clay does not come out and then beeswax is put on it. In Kurymuyo there are large jars that were used in the past to store chicha, but since they are very large they are no longer made, as it can take more than a month, since "you have to make a little, let it dry and then make it rise." a little more and so on several times”.

RELIGION:The Kichwa Otavalo people are a culture of mindalae tradition. Their ancestral territory is ... Religion, Andean traditional beliefs, Catholicism, Christianity

MYTH:Yaya made the first humans on earth. First he made some clay balls and left them covered in a clay pot, wrapped in raw cotton flakes. Then he told his assistant: "Open the pot!" The assistant opened it and looked inside.


FOOD:Mellocos potatoes, mellocos, barley and wheat contrast with the agricultural products of the warm floors such as coffee, rice, sugar cane and fruits

POPULAR HOLIDAYS:One of the traditions that has as a legacy the glorious past of the Cañari-Inca nation, is the festival of the sun and the June solstice harvest, INTI RAYMI.

ARTS:In Cañar, the traditional fabrics that stand out are: the poncho, the girdle, the cushma, the guallcarinas, the tapestry, the ropes, the blankets and the cloths.


MYTH: de origen de los Cañaris: la gran inundación y los que se salvaron
En este breve recuento nos referiremos a un tema bastante conocido en la historia local, pero, lastimosamente, casi nunca a partir de la muy interesante versión original

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