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My english book

by Andrea Fabiola Morales Rivera


My English book
Why do you want to learn English?
I want to learn English because that way I can Talk to people who don t speak Spanish, also because when I visit my family in the United States they understand me.
This is me
My name is Andrea fabiola
I love the dogs
I like to eat
I live in Guatemala
Mom: my mom is a person who is always happy and lively, she likes to cook and always helps me in everything her favorite color is white.
Dad: my dad is a very kind and honest person, he likes to eat and is always very affectionate and his favorite color is blue.
brother: My brother is a very noble and affectionate person. He likes to play soccer. He is somewhat angry and his favorite color is red.
My country and
Hello, my name is Andrea Fabiola and I am 9 years old. I was born in Guatemala and I am Guatemalan. Guatemalan food is very tasty, for example chuchitos, tamales and much more. The landscapes of Guatemala are beautiful. I love my country.
Salpicon and ceviche
Another of the foods that I like the most is salpicon and to make this delicious recipe all you need is: minced cooked meat, salt, lemon, tomato, onion and cilantro.
One of my favorite foods is ceviche and the ingredients to make this recipe are: some shellfish, lime, red onion, cilantro and salt, can be served with soda crackers.