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Wyatts book project

by Wyatt Harris


Wyatt´s book project
Things I Enjoy (1/5)
One thing I really enjoy and have been enjoying is music. I believe that music is one of the most important things to have ever happened to society. I would not be the same person I am today without it.
Things I enjoy(2/5)
Another thing I thoroughly enjoy is Baseball. Ever since I was able to play sports I have been in Baseball every year. Although my love for music is slowing turning into my dream instead of going to the MLB, I still gotta take some time to appreciate how much I used to Love Baseball.
Things I enjoy(3/5)
Yet another thing I really enjoy is clothing/shoes/ect. I love the idea of using your own creativity to prepare an outfit that you perceive to be good looking. It is a great way to I geuss ¨express¨ your self.
Things I enjoy(4/5)
I love the summer time. Summer is absolute bliss in my opinion, you dont have school and everyday is practically hanging out with your friends. Spring is a close second and winter is dead last but the summer time slaps.
Things I enjoy(5/5)
The last thing I will be writing about because I enjoy it is movies. I always loved watching movies as a kid and now all I do is sit in my room watching Netflix for hours. Some good movie reccomendations would be Hereditary, Ferris buellers day off, and the Sand lot.