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the queen



The Queen
Juan told sofia hello, my name is Juan and yours?
Sofia said hi, my name is sofia where are you from?
Juan said that he am from Spain but I live here in London and you?
sofia said that she was born in London and I still live here.                  
juan said in what part you live?
Sofia said hum… I prefer not to tell you in what part do I live.
Juansaid but…?
Sofia said but what?
Juan said whatever… what do you do for living? I do an internship at the San Jerónimo’s hospital.
Sofia: (makes a confussed gesture)
Juan: what… uh? They said, do not judge a book by its cover, I do not judge a person by how they look at me from the outside.
Sofia: that’s right, sorry.
Juan said there’s no problem. So, what do you do for living?
Sofia said I was studying at the university.
Juan said oh that’s really great. I  hope you are a nice studient.
Sofia said really, im not a great studient. But every man has his price.
Juan said why do you say that?
Sofia said no, nothing.
Juan said okey, that was weird.
Sofia said keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
Juan said you’re getting rude. I get it every dog has his day.
Sofia said if one day I get rude means that someone is going to be murder.
Juan said i hope im not going to be that someone.
Sofia said so treat me better.
Juan said it is better to be safe than sorry.