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The thing in the Hole

by Peter Reefman

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Peter Reefman

The Thing in the Hole. 2000.

It's been hailing here today. I'm trying to get out to the backyard to break up some concrete way down the back for my wife Nicole to plant a bigger veggie garden. Fraser, our three-year-old has been helping. He loves to see the concrete break up. Me too. Nic too. Campbell our baby too - if he knew what concrete was. Jedda our Border Collie/Sheltie too. Any excuse to get us in the backyard is fine by her.

Morris our black cat doesn't care - concrete is not food.

Speaking of Jedda and food, on Thursday morning Nic noticed that Jedda had been digging a hole in the backyard. Now this is unusual because Jedda is a model citizen dog who doesn't dig or bark unless we want her too, with is not often because we don't like her digging or barking. So anyway, she dug a hole and Nic went for a look. I did too, but I didn't have my shoes on so couldn't get as close to it as Nic (because the grass was wet from rain).
So I'm like "What's in there?", and Nic's like "An animal or something!", and I'm like "No way! It must be a rock or something", and she's like "No it's not a rock, I know rock when I see one", and I'm like "How can it be an animal and not a rock?!", and she's like "Well get your shoes on and see for yourself!", and I'm like "OK!".

It was an animal and not a rock.

So I'm looking at it, wondering what an animal was doing in a hole in our backyard, and I have to say it was TOTALLY gross. It stunk like a dead "something", and the meat was all white, with white hair on it, and what was WORSE, was that our cute Oh-I-love-to-lick-your-face dog had been EATING IT!...

Then I noticed some black plastic in the hole too and it all made sense. "Hey Nic, this is obviously someone's pet that died and was buried in our backyard!", says I.

"Oh, that's nice, honey", she replied. She'd kinda lost interest by then. She had motherly things to worry about like feeding our baby Campbell. You know, 'cause she's a mother.

But I'm thinking about the animal in the hole in the backyard, and then I start thinking "God, what if it's not an animal, what if it's part of a person!", so I yell out to her "God, what if it's not an animal, what if it's part of a person!". She's ignoring me by now. Apparently keeping our boys alive is her main priority these days.

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