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parallel world of Austin and Ally

by Isabel Sofia Wilches Sanchez


hello my name is Austin and i have always dreamed of being a model.
One day I met a girl, her name was Ally and the truth is I never imagined that meeting her would change my life ...
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hi Austin, hi everyone.
I am Ally
I am the most famous fashion designer in the world.
My dream is to present myself at fashion week.
I study hard be the best. But..... I`m still afraid that everyone will see my work
one day, my best friend discovered my designs and the public on the internet.

Everyone loved my dresses..... all people wanted to discover the designer.
I was supposes to help Ally.

She is the best

She will be a famous and successful designer and will be very happy.
Wihout Austin´s help, I wouldn´t have made it.

My designed started selling and now I will organize a runaway

I so happy.... thank Austin