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Katie the Creative and the Writing Proces

by Katie Ortiz

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Katie the Creative
By Katie Ortiz
Katie the Creative is a superhero. She uses her creativity to help kids in the city.
When Katie the Creative hears someone in trouble, she flies to rescue them!

Up, up, and away!
Today, she is helping students at her local school figure out how to write a book!

"First," she says, "We need to brainstorm some ideas!"
She helps the class use their own creativity to come up with some SUPER ideas!

"Next," she says, "We need to write a draft, or as I like to call it, a sloppy copy!"

The whole class laughs with her at the name she calls it.
"HA, HA, HA!!"
Katie flies around, helping students turn their brainstormed ideas into "sloppy copies". Students write down their ideas in sentences and paragraphs without worrying about grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

"Once we are finished with our sloppy copy," Katie adds, "We can re-read what we wrote and begin to revise and edit. This is when you start to correct your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and any other things to help your book be as SUPER as you are!"
"Lastly, we get to publish our book!" Katie exclaims.

Katie the Creative flies around the class helping students write their stories as beautifully as they can and draw and color illustrations. They make SUPER fantastic books.
Once Katie the Creative has helped the whole class finish their books, she flies around the city and tells everyone to go to the school so they can see the students' SUPER books.

After everyone in the city gathers at the school, the students get to share their books with everyone. The members of the city stand and clap for the students after hearing all of their stories. The students feel very proud of themselves and their creativity.
It was another successful day for Katie the Creative. She flies back to her colorful, creative lair to prepare for her next mission... making SLIDESHOW PRESENTAIONS!!!