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by Keneilwe Mathabathe


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By Keneilwe Mathabathe
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Keneilwe Mathabathe is a creative and an aspiring teacher. Her aim is to make positive changes in the lives of many learners throughout her career. In 10 years, she plans to teach at children’s homes and work with non-profit organizations to provide quality education to low-resource schools.
Teaching Philosophy
I believe learners are seeds and I am the gardener. I will invest energy and time into planting, growing and nurturing my flowers.

My garden will have different flowers. Each flower has different needs and with my knowledge I should be able to cater to each flower's needs. My learners as seeds should be planted in rich soil and nurtured to their full potential or growth. I see myself a source of life skills knowledge for my learners because the content and curriculum are forever changing but life skills will always be the same.

MOTTO: Teachers plant seeds that grow forever.
Classroom Management
Classroom management is how I influence learner behavior to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

I have a set of management tools that I feel will work best for my learners.

  • Addressing learners with respect.
  • Allowing learners to participate in making the classroom rules.
  • Using positive reinforcement.
  • Using a demerit and merit system.
  • Teach learners to take good care of their environment.

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Address learners with respect and avoid generalizing.
Addressing the learners with respect will teach them to treat me with respect. I wouldn’t want my learners to fear me. Learners should be held accountable for the behaviour and to do so I must avoid generalizing their behaviour/actions.

Allow learners to participate in making the rules
Allowing learners to create rules with the teacher builds a
democratic classroom and I can hold them to their word. They decide the rules and stick to them.
Use positive reinforcement
Positive reinforcement will help learners improve their academic performance, social behaviour, and relationships with peers.
Use a demerit and merit system
Learners will be rewarded with a small gift for every 15 merits they get. For example, stationery. Learners will also receive demerits for bad behaviour.
Take care of the environment
I will teach learners to keep the classroom neat and to clean when it’s not. This will teach them take care of their environment. This will also apply to the playground; they will learn to avoid littering, pick up rubbish you see on the playground and they should advice each other to use dustbins.
Classroom Management Tools