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by Gabriella Bracaglia


Poems by a pear
By gabriella bracaglia
About me
My world view is as broad as as a highway
My worldview is shaped by education and experience, like my personality
My world view is colourful, just like the leaves of an autumn day
Worldview can play big parts in your moralities, though like the seasons they can change over time.
Worldview can be ridged and stark just as white paint on a black canvas.
This was the first poem i wrote for this project, and while it certainly isnt my favourite it is pretty good! It was during the stage where I was just grasping our ideas!
Worldview is like old stories, those classic fairy tales that evolve so much over time, yet somehow keep the same bones.
A timeless statue that’s been chipped away by its many years of existence,never quite the same as it once was.
An experience that keeps the brain sharp, like the blade of a soldier
Molded with careful hands.
Worldview shaped by life, like core memories are shaped from experiences.
This poem is along the lines of how worldview is and sort of how it becomes build in your mind