Book Creator

Book Creator: Top 5 Features

by Trish Hinchman & Kim Crouch


Five Favorite Features
Book Creator
Kim Crouch & Trish Hinchman
West Islip Union Free School District
Five Favorite Features
  1. Shapes
  2. Importing PDFs
  3. Pushing out Slides to Students & Assigning Books
  4. Embedding Canva Designs
  5. Stickers
  6. Best Practices & Shared Projects

star struck
Have you ever tried searching a shape?
Did you know you can search for a variety of shapes beyond the basics?
Arrow Sticker
When you go to the shapes menu, you have a selection of shapes you can choose from like squares, circles, and arrows and so much more!!!
You can even change the color of the shape you choose!
Importing PDFs
You now can upload PDFs to Book Creator, and your students can edit and work on the pages!
1.Head over to "New Book" -->
Import book or PDF".
smiling face with heart eyes
Loop Arrow Sticker by Siew Design
2. Upload your PDF by browsing or dragging the file.
3.Choose the pages you want to upload from the PDF.
4.Choose the type of book you would like the PDF to be -landscape or portrait. Viola! Now students can work right in a workbook!
Tip - You can actually erase parts of the PDF because it uploads the PDF as images. Just click on the image in the book, and now you can erase it!
Pushing Out Slides to Students
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Don't want to give the whole book to your students at one time? No problem. Did you know you can push out the pages to your students?
1.Head over to the book you would like to share with your students.
2.Click on "Pages".
3.Select the pages you would like to push out to your students.
4.Choose the library where you would like to push the slides out to.
5.Choose the book you would like to send the slide over to for your students.
6.Click "Copy Pages". Want to do it again with more pages? REPEAT!