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eTwinning project "Forest Fire Prevention"

by Maria Anversa Grasso

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Istituto Istruzione Superiore Liceo Medi
Barcellona P.G. (Messina)-ITALY
Forest Fire Prevention
Project description
This project aims at emphasizing the importance of responsable behaviour, distance learning and web tools in focusing environmental education and the means for preventing forest fires.
Its activities have been carried on from January to June 2021 in cooperation with Turkey, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria.
All these Countries have been facing the issue of forest fire prevention in the last years because of human careless and climate changes.
The students from IIS Medi (Italy) were attending the class 3A1 of Classical Lyceum.
Project Timeline
Since the beginning of the project the coordinator teachers fixed times and deadlines for having clear ideas about the activites and planned them in details thanks to their great cooperation and collaboration.
Project Plan
Tasks were equally distributed among the partners according to their expertise and interests so that each one could give own contribution.
The Map of partner countries
The seven Countries of the partnership are visible and located inside the animated interactive Map created by Pictramap.
Lots of schools from Turkey joined the project as shown by Google MyMap
The project emphasized esafety for all the participants (teachers and students). For this reason a lesson in each partner school was dedicated to netiquette, eTwinning code of behaviour, copyright for images, videos, music and texts.
The Safer Internet Day (SID) on 9th of February was celebrated in all the participating countries. At the IIS Medi a webinar was arranged, disseminated by an article (24live).
Participants' introduction
Students introduced themselves in a Padlet, while teachers in the Twinboard. Both used digital avatars made by mybluerobot and /or other tools.
Logo competition
Each partner school proposed a logo for the competition, publishing it in a TwinBoard and in a padlet as well. About voting, it was used a tricider.
The best logo
Italian proposals