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Teens, health & tech

by Maria Anversa Grasso


Istituto Istruzione Superiore Liceo Medi
Barcellona P.G. (Messina)-ITALY
"Teens, health & tech"
Project description
This project aims at investigating and reflecting upon the relationship between young people and technology, analysing their consumption habits and how this is related to their well being, their health and the environment. After analysing the results of this research, we worked together to offer alternative, healthy ways to handle technology and ideas to make it sustainable, collaborating to the idea of the eTwinning topic of year 2022: the new European Bauhaus. At the same time it wants to improve linguistic communication in foreign language, to enhance multicultural diversity, to strengthen the use of web tools and technology especially in distance learning.
Its activities have been carried on from October 2022 to June 2023 in cooperation with only three European countries (Spain, Bulgaria and Italy).
The students from the Italian team from Sicily (IIS Medi) were attending the class 4B of Classical Lyceum.
The role of students and the letters exchange
Since the beginning of the project it was clear that students would have had a great role in the project and teachers would have been like mentors in guiding them. It is amazing to highlight that all the activities were created in cooperation. Students created shared document by google, communicating each other inside them. Another form of communication was the exchange of letters. In particular about Italy, all the pupils involved exchanged letters with the Bulgarian students. There was a geat excitement to wait for their reply!!!
Mystery schools
Students worked in a collaborative way putting pictures, questions and answers in jamboards for getting to know from which countries they came from. The result of this icebreaking activity was the creation of collages in order to solve the "mystery schools" and countries.
The Map of partner countries
The three partner schools are visible and located inside the interactive Map created by Thinglink, where they added their school and some information about them.
The project emphasized esafety for all the participants (teachers and students). For this reason more lessons in each partner school was dedicated to netiquette, eTwinning code of behaviour, copyright for images, videos, music and texts. Families were involved as they had to sign written permission.
The Safer Internet Day (SID) was celebrated in all the participating countries. At the IIS Medi a seminar was arranged, disseminated by an article (24live).