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The Travel log of Amerigo Vespucci

by Neko Hardy


The Discoveries of Amerigo Vespucci
As I left port this morning it was bittersweet. I will be gone for more than a years time and though I cannot wait to see and discover more of this new route to Asia I will miss my home very much. Christopher Columbus has told tales of his times there and I cannot wait to see it!
My ship is specially designed to withstand the harsh waves of the Atlantic. The Spanish flag flies from the mast, the cross of burgundy. The branches cross it represent pruned branches. The ship is packed with food to get us through our voyage, including saurkrouat and fruits which Christopher swears by as a diet on a ship.
When I return I will hopefully be a rich man and be able to buy land. We are running out of room here in Europe with our growing population. I also hope that the Spanish government will sponsor another trip to Asia.
Hopes for

the Journey!
I cannot wait to add to the prosperity of our world. We will bring back riches like of no one has seen before. I will help the church with our mission as well. We must spread the good of god to these poor people. They are savages and must be taught the ways of the real world.
Upon my return the king will recognize me as a great explorer and fund more voyages. I will be quite famous and everyone will love me!
I will also make much money from this voyage. When I return I will be a rich man. It is only fitting for the great feats I will complete. I have been told there are many spices in this far off land and I cannot wait to get some of my own.
We would not be able to make this journey without the use of some very important tools. Before we had these our ships got lost very easily and the sailors would die. One of these is the compass. It lets us make sure we are going in the right direction. Another incvention we use is the astrolabe but we have been using a sextant for awhile now. It helps use find the latitude of where we are, buy looking a where stars are compared to the horizon. We find the latitude by using a cross-staff.

I can just see Asia over the horizen. It is beautiful. So lush and interrupted by man. I can see many plants I have never seen before. It seems to go on forever. It feels like a dream to be here the sun rises highlighting the scene. There are weird animals in the water as well. A large fish perhaps the colour of a rose. We are docking now.
A New River
We have discovered a Route through this land! It is a wide, wide river that stretches for a very long time. We have been going down it for a couple of days now and it shows no sign of ending! We have seen many new animals and plants in our time here. On a saddder notes many of my men have fallen ill recently. We have glimpsed people a few times but they have ran away! Soon we will have to go find food from this land for we are running out.