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Goal Tracker 2020

by Neko Hardy


Reason #5 Goals help you rely on yourself. I like to be in control of myself. You can’t rely on anyone completely except for yourself. Through your life you will meet a lot of different people the lonely person who will stay with you is you. This is important so that you can be successful in what you do. This changed my perception of goals because though you don’t have to do it alone it is still up to you.
A small goal you could complete with this is finishing reading a book be cause no one else can read it for you.
Reson# 4 Goals give your life purpose. This is important to me because I want to live a meaningful life. If you do not know what you want and just keep living without taking steps toward success you will never reach it. I’ve never really liked setting goals but I do want to succeed and that is how my perception has changed, I know that I need to set them to accomplish stuff. Small goals for this one could include smaller steps of a big task for life, like building blocks.

Reason 10 goals create feelings of satisfaction. This is important because it gives you a reason to want to complete the goal. When its done you most likely ave somethings to be proud of and that’s always a good feeling. Thsi has changed my perception because it gives you even more reason to complete it. A small goal is the perfect one for this because you get the nice feeling faster. Maybe making a square for a chrochet project like the sunflower cardigan i most recently created.
Compassion is important to me because then no one gets their feelings hurt. Compassion isn’t about being nice it’s about being kind on a deeper level, to others and yourself.

Justice is also important to me because it is often very flawed, which makes things not just at all. Innocent people get in trouble, the wrong amount of punishment for an action is given out and i wish i could fix it so I’m just in all instances that require it.

Diversity is my last value and I value it because I think everything needs more than one opinion. Diversity isn’t just about race or gender or sexuality its about all kind of people making decisions together to make the world a better place.