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Going Coastal 2023

by PLP 8


Oregan 1! (The one without the broken bus lol)
Replace this box with a map shows Vancouver to Newport, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
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I‘ve never seen a wolf before. I’m excited to see them while they‘re still protected.

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I went ziplining in whistler last year and I loved it! I can’t wait to see how similar they are.
Oregon Day 1
Travelling South with a stop at Cabela's!
They’re queens. It’s fabulous. What else can I say it’s fantastic
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Alva, Kaia Aiya and I pretended to be some weasel like thing and a coyote chasing a rabbit we used the clothes we found there to look more like them.

Though doesn’t it justice, the most interesting thing i saw was the most obvious. There is a giant mountian with a bunch of stuffed animals on it as soon as you walk in. It was sad but impressive

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The Astoria Column
The Astoria Column is ______ feet tall and is covered on the outside by a ______ that depicts ______ _______.
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