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Photojournalism Project

by Leonard Modugno


A room in the lower floor of the church used for storing donated goods.
My project is displaying what takes place at this church to help feed the needy around here. My purpose is to show where the needy in the area have to go to get food for them and their families to survive.
This food pantry has opened every night on Tuesdays for the last 30 years.

There are hundreds of other pantries similar to this in the LA county.
A volunteer grabbing a canned good from one of many bags of goods donated to the kitchen.
A variety of food being prepared for the local needy individuals arriving soon.
Prepared food being given to a bagger and placed on a table in the back to be offered to the needy.
Volunteers helping a visitor as he chooses what he wants to bring with him.
On average, 85 meals are served every time they host these.

Over 2 million people in the US face food insecurity and at least 69000 are homeless.