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The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content in Book Creator

by the Book Creator Team


Embedding Content
in Book Creator
This book is a quick guide for how to embed content from the most popular educational apps into Book Creator.

Although the guide focuses on Book Creator for Chrome, you can also embed content into Book Creator for iPad, and in most cases the process will be very similar.

App Smashing is an important process for giving students voice and choice, and improving digital literacy. Book Creator is often the last step in an appsmash - it's where you bring everything together to showcase it, reflect on it and share your creations with the world.
Editor's note - some content in this book may already be out of date, as 3rd party apps change all the time!

We update info on the most popular apps in our Knowledge base.
Read more on our blog and listen to this embedded podcast on this page (a conversation with Greg Kulowiec, the teacher who originally coined the term "App Smashing".
What is an embed?
A lot of web apps these days offer embed codes as a way of sharing content. Rather than just linking to the web page, it allows the web page, video, image or audio to be embedded in another website (or in this case, a book).

Below is an example of an embed code from YouTube. They will often be contained in an <iframe>. Book Creator can take these iframes and convert them into an embedded link on the page.
Rounded Rectangle
Example of embed code
How do I import content into Book Creator?
You can get detailed instructions on how to do this from our Support articles.

Essentially, you need to be familiar with the + button, and the More menu. From here, you can add files and embeds from the web, as well as accessing our dedicated App Store.
New! Integrated apps from the Book Creator App Store. (January 2022)
Some of the info in this book will be slightly out of date now. Power up your Book Creator experience with these new apps in the Book Creator App Store.