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How Does Manga Inspire Young Artists?

by Mai Thanh Thao Hoang


What is Manga?
Manga is a comic book, or graphic novel. It is important in storytelling because it is simple and easy to understand for all readers and the characters are relatable.
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 Kimetsu no Yaiba means "Demon Slayer". Tanjiro whose character is to protect his sister who is half Demon.
History of Manga
The stories are about the history of manga. Manga is like a comic book, a graphic book typically aimed at adults as children. It is influence of children and adult understand by inspire them goal. Some Japanese manga artists can draw different images of manga characters because they have an interesting history. The Japanese manga artist are inspire them make new create of the title.
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Koyoharu Gotouge is a Japanese Manga artist. Some Japanese Manga artists inspired Koyoharu Gotouge. He created "Demon Slayer" (2016-2020).