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by Melissa Eaton

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By Melissa Eaton
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Based Assessment
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) set Performance Expectations (PEs) for what students should know as well as what they must be able to do to apply and demonstrate what they know. Traditional pencil and paper tests are not adequate to demonstrate that students have met these standards.

A science notebook in Book Creator serves as a performance based assessment where students and teachers can track a student's growth as a scientist. Features like text-to-speech, videos, voice recordings and the magic pen allow students to show what they know and what they can do in multiple ways. Additionally, teachers can share the published book with parents, who can see their child's work as it progresses throughout the school year.
Veena's 2nd Grade Lab Notebook
Hi my name is Veena! Come learn science with me. I am doing cool stuff so come and LEARN WITH ME.
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Videos & Images
Capture Hands-On Science
Students learn how to use the many interactive elements of Book Creator surprisingly quickly, even for pre-readers and students with very little English. The intuitive, user-friendly menus, complete with pictorial icons, allow the youngest learners to take advantage of all the features, clicking on the plus sign to add in their pictures, writing, and video.

Using teacher-created template pages like the one below, educators can easily send out an assignment to individual students or to every student in the library with only one click. Teachers can add instructions using short
audio clips, so that students can listen to directions multiple times instead of looking up at a SmartBoard, which many find difficult to alternate with doing their work.
Blank template (remix it)
Shade for My Ice Cube
My Plan
My Design
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