Book Creator

Artifact #2 - Book Creator Reflection

by Joyce Hong


by: Joyce Hong
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Read and Write
The ‘text-to-speech’ function reads aloud – word by word – any phrase or word that is highlighted for students to hear, instead of having to read themselves. This can be very helpful for students who may have trouble reading – i.e. those with dyslexia. Furthermore, the ‘text-to-speech’ function can be helpful for students who need to read out loud in order to understand, as they are able to wear headphones to listen to the words being spoken out loud. However, there is a slight downfall to this function, as it cannot properly pronounce words that are long and complicated. Thus, it would not be good to use for the purpose of learning how to read and pronounce words.
Wow, reading became much easier! 
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The ‘prediction’ and ‘talk & type’ functions would be helpful for students who struggle with writing and sentence building, as the ‘prediction’ tool predicts the next words based on what you previously typed, and the ‘talk & type’ tool types out the words you speak into the microphone without you having to type them out yourself. This helps decrease the number of typos you make, along with grammar as well. Through this help, students can be motivated and gain confidence in their writing.
Sentence building is so much more easier!
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Other features:
The ‘Collect Highlights’ function is very helpful for any subject, especially if you want students to learn key words for a particular unit. For example, in a Geography lesson, when students are reading an article together as a class, I can choose important words from the article that pertain to the specific unit we are on. They can highlight these words and use the ‘Collect Highlights’ function to gather all the words into one document and define them. This leads to the ‘Dictionary’ function, which is also very helpful in helping students understand any text they are required to read online. For instance, science has a lot of terms that students may be unfamiliar with – they can use this function to understand those particular terms as they read along.

The ‘Translator’ function is another useful tool students in which English is not their first language (i.e. students in ESL). It is easy to use, and can translate any piece of text. However, it is important to take into account that it does not translate 100% correctly. Despite this, it still gives students an overall idea of what the text is talking about, and is better than trying to understand the text by themselves.

Lastly, the ‘Simplify Page’ function is very useful for both students and teachers to use when reading long articles or pieces of text. For the purposes of research – in both Geography and Science – this tool can be very helpful to obtain a summarized version of the entire text. This can help save time, and thus become an efficient method to
use when doing projects/assignments.
The End!