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Counting Coins With Emma

by Emma Drouhard


By: Emma Drouhard
Emma loves to take trips to the candy shop with her mom. Her favorite candy is M&M's. She has been saving up for their next trip to the candy shop.
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Candy Shop
She needs $1.25 for a bag of M&M's, but how does she get the money?
Last week Emma had no money so she helped her Grandma mow her lawn.
Her Grandma gave her two quarters for her hard work.
The next day Emma helped her mom with chores around the house. It was hard work!
Her mom gave her two dimes and one nickel for her hard work.
The next day she went to her dad's office after school. She helped him organize papers and fill in his calendar.
Her dad gave her two quarters and a nickel for her hard work.
Emma finally had enough money for a bag of M&M's from the candy store!
Her mom took her to the candy store and she bought a bag of M&M's. She even had 10 cents left!